Sunday, October 19, 2008

snaps on saturday (on a sunday)

This is what I was going to post yesterday, but found myself too tired to go looking for the danged camera chord.

This weekend MyFavoriteKid got to test run his costume for an early Halloween party. He wanted to dress up to look like one of the guys in his current favorite rock band.

Eleven going on twenty-three, I'm telling ya'

I don't really want to tell him that his "costume" looks a whole lot like what I wore during my senior year in high school (hahahaha).

Anyhow, he likes the costume and the make-up so much that he's allowed me to post this pic, which is not something that we normally do.

We dyed his hair black with that spray in stuff for this, and for the last two nights, as he has been washing it out, his skin has sort of taken on an ashy skintone. Today he kind of looked like those orphaned kids you see as part of broadway musicals that play the role of chimney sweeps. All he needed was the broom.

My favorite part of helping to put the costume together was messing with the fake lip ring. We actually were able to spoof MyFK's dad into thinking that it was a real piercing. He totally fell for it, and was ready to throttle me for allowing it. Duh. Hahahaha. He actually even had a little steam coming out of his ears there for a minute.

The rest of my weekend was really great. I got to hook up with a friend for a birthday breakfast yesterday, and today I did a bunch of cooking and knitting. I have lots of finished projects to share this week. They're all blocking right now. Stay tuned.


Mouse said...

AWESOME! I basically looked like that during school and up until only a few years ago.. lol. Great bullet belt!

Chimney sweep.. lol. Did you make him perform that song from Mary Poppins? Its two costumes in one! One day, goth dude - the next, street urchin!

Kerry said...

When I first looked I thought he had been in a fight! LOL Looks like he's playing the part of rocker well. Hope he has a great time! Can't believe he's 11!!! What a handsome little man!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the costume! I showed my bf and he said right away, "Oh, that's the left-handed guitar player." Instantly recognizable. :)