Monday, October 20, 2008

a parade of one

I have a parade of finished knitting to show you, but I can only eek one of them out tonight because I feel like crapola.

See, I was feeling reallllly good earlier today. Finally. And that caused me to somehow have a complete brain fart and lapse into a pretty serious case of bad judgment in the food department (hint: eating poorly is not a good thing to do right after a gallbladder episode that puts you in the ER). So now I feel nauseous. And this is all you get. One item. No parade.

hey, I don't look toooo bad for feeling so sick, do I?

Urban Bubble Scarf (kit)
from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, by Marta McCall
(ravelry link to the pattern, ravelry link to my project page)

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts KidMo, colorway "Highway 30"

Needles: US #5

Points of Interest:
This is my first time ever doing Shibori felting on a project. Read more about what shibori is and how to do it over here.

The scarf was intended to have shibori all over it. Like 250 little balls, the kit came with. I decided to go with a more sparse look, as I didn't want the scarf to be so pouffy that it made me look like Bozo The Clown (like this scarf I already own and never wear...scroll down)

Time to Knit:
Well, I feel like an ass even telling you this. I started this scarf in March of 2007. Hahahahaha. See, I bought the kit at Stitches West in 2007, and I knit almost the entire scarf pretty quickly. And then I couldnt figure out how long to make it, because I wasn't sure how much it would shrink in the shibori process. I put the scarf down for ages until I could knit a swatch and test it. Then after I did that, I couldn't decide just how much shibori I wanted to do on the danged thing, so it's been sitting here fully knit but unfelted for over a year. Neat, eh? I finally just decided to go for it yesterday, and tadaaaaa! There you have it.

Tomorrow is the appointment with the surgeon about the gallbladder. I have my list of questions compiled. If there is one thing I have learned about surgeons over the past couple of years, you best have your shit together because they are going to give you maybe 5 minutes of their full attention. I am ready ;-)


Anonymous said...

I like your scarf. I have never done shibori.

I'm sure you already have this on your list, but can I encourage you to consider asking how they confirm that there are no stones remaining after your surgery. My surgeon did a local x-ray type of procedure to be sure that there were no stones left in my bile duct. I have a co-worker who had his gall bladder removed but continued to have attacks because he still had a stone in his bile duct.

And also, I loved your son's costume. He looked way cool.