Friday, November 07, 2008


MyFavoriteKid is having a sleepover here tonight. Earlier, I took them out to the middle school family bingo night. It was fun, but I think the dauber fumes got to me ;-)

Things were a little bit better today for me today, but I really had to work at it. Lots of knitting and new age tutti-fruity music blasting through the house in an attempt to curb anxiety. Lovely.

I have knitting to show you tomorrow.

PS. I know I am a shit for not replying to comments like I used to. I feel horrible about it. Especially when every single one of them means so much to me. Thanks you guys for all of the notes you leave me. I really appreciate all of you.


Kim Ayres said...

OK, here's a comment :)

Unknown said...

Sadly, when I was going through cancer diagnosis and then chemo/radiation, I hadn't yet started to knit so I didn't have that to help me deal. However, I did the music thing too (though mine was more of a world-music theme) and I also read books. True accounts of shipwrecks and maritime disasters - really grim stuff. Maybe I needed to know that I was a lot luckier than others? Who knows! Anyway, you do what you need to in order to cope. It's good that you're making the effort to lift your own spirits.


Mouse said...

Dude.. popcorn & bingo would make anyone's day better!