Wednesday, November 26, 2008

do this for me and you'll be rewarded with a funny kitteh foto

No, I am NOT just filling in here with another kitty photo. I really do have an actual post tonight, and it's a favor to ask of you.

I have a good friend that just received some not-so-good news today. There's "something interesting" popping up in her breast exams, and she went in today for some more detailed looking around. Now they want to do a surgical biopsy.

Not the news one needs at any time, but especially not during the holidays. Ugh.

So she has asked if I would post and request that y'all please send out vibes for an anonymous special someone. You all know that I'm all about focusing the mojo directly to the intended recipient, but she hasn't told her family yet, and she probably won't tell them until...well until she is good and goshdanged ready. Anyhow, point is, they don't have the information yet, and well, you know how the internet can be. Just a few clickety clicks and then there you have it.

So, yes...please send out some love for my friend.

And then, as promised, here's another funny one of Mr.Darcy, who when he sleeps, I swear always looks like he has just come home from a night on the town:

I must double check his water dish. There's gotta be some Maker's Mark in there or something.

Thanks gang :-)


The Bon said...

Good thoughts sent.

I love that he sleeps with his tongue out. My miss does no such thing. Also, my captcha is "doxskins." That sounds weird and weirder.

Mouse said...

(also happy gobble-gobble to you, the kidlet, the guy & the 4-leggers.)

carleigh said...

sending good thoughts. And they put me through that this exact time of year (2 yrs ago) all for nothing. It was horrible and one of the most stressful periods of my life, but there was nothing in the end. I hope the same findings for your friend.

jane said...

sending good thoughts her way --

happy thanksgiving!

p.s. i now want a cat after reading your blog - haven't had one in years - have a big dog who absolutely loves cats. think it's time!

Carol said...

Aw, you know that I am sending good anonymous thoughts. love to all yins who need it.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts to your friend. If you/she want more practical advice (names of docs for instance) give a holler! There is a wonderful new breast health center in Oakland.


Erin said...

I had the surgical biopsy done this past August (core needle biopsy). It's not bad, with a decent recovery time. Good thoughts sent her way!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know I sent good thoughts into the universe for your friend. -hugs- to you both!