Tuesday, November 25, 2008

my morning

I had a pretty nasty clog in my kitchen drain that I needed to call in a plumber for this morning. I got a peek at what they pulled out of the p-trap and my best guess is that a wooden chopstick fell into the drain and got chopped up into slender 3" or so sections that couldn't make the curve of the pipe. The wove themselves into a sort of a "basket" that basically caught anything else that made it down the pipe. Had no choice but to cancel everything that needed to happen this morning and wait for my appointment window.

The drain is fixed but these guys that showed up were pretty danged stupid. One was in training, and the second he was left alone in my kitchen (while the senior employee went out to his van for a tool), the apprentice decided to pull off the p-trap. With nothing underneath. Making a mess. Then SeniorEmployeeGuy comes in asks ME if I have a bucket.

A plumber. Without a bucket.

So I get a bucket, some microfiber towels and express the importance of not allowing water to be left standing on a real wood floor to seep through the cracks until the end of the job.

Anyhow, as much as these two seemed to completely lack common sense, they were nice, so I was nice, and the drain is fixed, and they cleaned the place up before departing.

But I have to share this one last parting conversation with y'all:

SeniorEmployeeGuy: "I feel so bad about using your bucket and the water and all, that I am going to give you a free degreasing service."

Me: "And what exactly does that mean.?"

SEG: "I'm going to pour something down your pipes to strip it out..."

Me: *raises eyebrow*

SEG: "...but don't worry. It's economically safe!!"

Me: *mouth opens to either correct him or giggle, not sure which was going to come out first, but before I could do either*

SEG: "It's so safe, you could pour it on your lawn and it won't kill it!"

I was going to tell him that he meant environmennnnnnnntally safe.
But I guess being that it was a commmmmmmplimentary service, it really was economically safe after all.


The Bon said...

Hahaha. Economically safe! That's hysterical. Also, "I'm going to give you a free degreasing" is possibly the dirtiest sounding thing I've heard tonight.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I guess they don't train them like they used to, and knowledge of the English language is optional.

M-H said...

Maybe he meant 'ecologically safe?' Glad you got it fixed though.