Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm quite the crankpot today.

After posting last night, I went to climb into bed, only to find that some kitten (and I am 99.9% sure it was Mr.Darcy), made "a statement", which meant stripping the bed, one very bad night of sleep, and a mountain of laundry today.

I woke up with a headache. It has lasted all day.

MyFavoriteKid had the day off of school for the holiday, so we headed over the newly built Veteran's Memorial park here in the 'hood for the dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony. The ceremony was quite nice, actually. Lots of vets and current enlisted folk, a couple of good speeches, and it was really cool for MyFK to get what the day is all about, rather than just seeing it as a day off school.

While at the event I was witness to one really bitchy lady shoving around one of the event volunteers, and I ended up having to call the police to come. Lovely way to end things for us. That just made my head pound even more.

After the park, it was out to lunch with my folks, which was quite nice, but then home to the mountain of laundry.

Somewhere after dinner I realized Gaara the cat was nowhere to be found and that the dog had been outside in the yard barking hysterically not an hour earlier. Guess who has figured out how to use the dog door?! Grand. This actually worries me quite a bit because I have a hillside full of wild rabbits behind me, and hawks fly around, and well....sometimes looking out my kitchen window is kinda like watching the Nature Channel....and Gaara the orange tabby sorta looks like a wabbit. At the same time, I don't want the dog to be locked up in the house when I am gone for longer stretches.

Head throbs a bit more, and it sorta wanted to make me cry, actually.

The TheEx calls in an effort to shirk his parental responsibilities. I am not even going to waste myself by elaborating. He is an ASS.

Oh, did I mention I HAVE A HEADACHE??

And I am knitting something for someone else, and have run out of yarn. Yay, me. The heading has now reached "splitting" status.

I am going to bed. Or to couch. Or wherever the clean blankets are. Gah.


Anonymous said...

*gentle hug*

Even though you had a terrible day, I could see that you still managed to hold your own and take care of those you love - whether its a volunteer at the Veteran's memorial, your son, or your kitty. Kudos to you. And I hope your head feels better.

~Donna~ said...

must be something in the air...i'm a big crankypants today. after no sleep last night - I don't consider one hour as 'sleep' - I can't help it. Oh look...it's a full moon. That 'splains a lot. Hugs and stuff, hope it gets better.