Saturday, December 20, 2008

halfway home & a couple of shout outs

We left Vegas early this morning and stopped for the night halfway home. The drive out was far better than the drive in, to be sure...but being that I could actually see farther than a few feet in front of me, blinded by snow, it was like a whole different drive.

A couple favorite moments from the day?
We stopped in Baker, near Area 51, and popped into Alien Fresh Jerky.

Maybe 10 different flavors, included Whiskey Jerky, a spike with caffeine jerky, and my favorite: Abducted Cow Jerky.

Another favorite moment of the day was the hay ride with Santa, here, through the RV park. Yes, I know. I find amusement with the oddest of things. I love it when people who travel full-time decorate the dashboards of their RV's. Makes me happy :-)

So in response to a few comments (all appreciated):

Yes. I did look up the local yarn stores. Before I even departed--hahaha. Didn't make it, though. Probably for the best. There should be several skeins of yarn waiting in the mailbox when I get home ;-)

I had to reread my own post because I cannot believe I actually wrote that flayed open bit---heeeheeee!).

Before even seeing the NapkinSupportComments, I did do the grossed out napkin thing. I grabbed a chocolate mousse at a buffet, and made sure to make a big smoosh on my napkin, and then set it on the table. MyFavoriteKid was completely squicked by that, and has had his paper serviette on his lap ever since ;-)

He still wiped his mouth on his jacket sleeve the other night when he was walking around with an ice cream cone and hadn't thought to grab a napkin. Yay me. More laundry.

Yeah, Vegas wasn't high on my list as a place to visit---especially with a kidlet in tow. It was MyFK that begged me to go!! Turns out we did just about every possible thing there was to do that was kid friendly, and there is quite a bit, actually. One of these days I should post a single list with links just in case anyone else wants to go.

Ok, I'm off to bed. I'm hoping we get an early start tomorrow so we can get back quickly. The kennel only allows pick-ups until 6pm on Sundays, and I'm hoping to spring Riley, Gaara, and Mr.Darcy tomorrow rather than Monday morning. It would feel strange to be home without them!


The Bon said...

We rushed home to get Pica on our way home from California. They're only open until 5:30, but the staff is there until about 6pm so they waited for us. We got there just at 6 and didn't have a check on us so they handed us the cat and the bill and told us to come back and pay the next day. Good people at our vet! Hope you get the crew and get them home tonight!

MonikaRose said...

Hello, Vegas sounds great. Hope you enjoyed all.

Happy Christmas and New Year.
I gave you an award today...