Friday, December 19, 2008

morning update & myfk-isms

It's our last day here. Internet access has been problematic this morning so I am posting now in case I cannot get back online later. I think today we are heading over to the "Bodies" exhibit at the Luxor (it's that flayed open plastination thing). Then maybe a tour of the M&M Factory, and I have no idea what after that. We have hit everything kid friendly, I think. I had wanted to do a day trip over to Hoover Dam, but the road conditions have just been too poor to trust going. I have only gambled once---I plopped $2 into one of those gargantuan slot machines just for giggles.

I'm a wee bit concerned about my van. When you are taking it into freezing temperatures, there are things you need to do to winterize it so there are no plumbing problems, and I did none of those before coming, because I was not prepared for the "most snow in Vegas in 30 years". There was nothing to be done about it once we were here, because it's illegal to drain the thing in a parking lot. Hopefully the pipes didnt freeze. I'll have an inspection when I get home.

The plan for tomorrow is to drive up over the mountain pass again, and spend the night in Bakersfield again, as we did on the way in. Then do the last leg of the trip home on Sunday.


MyFavoriteKid-isms while on this trip:

"If gambling in Las Vegas is for adults, how come most of the machines look like kids games?"


"I think kids should be allowed to play slot machines. I mean, they only let us play stupid arcade games here, and if I played a slot machine, at least I'd have a chance to win my money back."


(while watching the hotel's Vegas Today channel, the dining and shows advertisements ended, and it switched over to a segment about the best swimming pools with, bikini clad girls dancing around with cocktails...before I could switch it off):

"I think I like my boobs medium-natural."


(while at the buffet at the MGM Grand Hotel)

"Mom, are you suuuuuuure you are supposed to put your napkin on your lap?"
"Yes. Positive."
"I think you are lying, and just want me to do it."
"No, I am positive."
"Well, how come no one else is?"
(and sure as shit, I inspected the laps of...oooooh, I'd say 50 adults within a 20 table radius...and not ONE SINGLE ADULT had their napkins on their laps. Help me out here people!)


"Hey, mom. What rhymes with orange..."
"What about door hinge?"



The Bon said...

FK-Napkins go in your lap. Seriously. I feel weird eating if my napkin is on the table. Other people have poor table manners doesn't mean you should. ;)

Sorry about the snow! We got hit with the second wave here, so that totals something like 7-8 inches this week which is crazy. It is lovely sunny now so it's all melting off right now, providing a lot of amusement for the cat [branches bounce when the snow melts off them! oh cat joy!]


The snow in Vegas. Are you feeling picked on? Sounds like you are having a great time none the less.

I have to remind Sweetie to put the napkin in the lap. Every. Time.

Unknown said...

Door Hinge!!!!

And yes, napkins belong in your lap.

jodi said...

Miss Manners (Judith Martin) says that a napkin should always be placed in your lap. And if you are ever presented with a paper serviette in lieu of a napkin, you should be gracious enough not to acknowledge that it is not a proper napkin, and. . . place it in your lap. And if Miss Manners says it, you know it's right.

Also, just think of how gross it is when people use their napkin and then place it back on the table. That's your gross food smears and mouth wipings, on the table with FOOD. Ew ew ew.

ps I'm sorry you have to contend with it on your vacation, but I think snow in Las Vegas is the funniest thing ever. Or maybe the second funniest, the funniest being snow in Los Angeles.

Carol said...

If he's using a napkin to wipe his mouth rather than his sleeve or shirt hem, you've done better than I've been able to so far.

On a brighter note, nothing says happy holidays like "flayed open plastination."