Thursday, December 11, 2008

not a good time for a glaring computer screen

Woke up with a migraine...the kind where ya' feel nauseous and bright light hurts. It this point it has dimmed to just your standing pounding f#$%ing headache, but it still hurts to look at the screen for too long.

I do want to THANK YOU ALL for the kitty tips.

I have always had two cats my whole life, and never have had this problem before. I had two kitties while growing up at home with the folks, and later when I was living on my own, I had two then as well.......but both times I have had two kittens they were a brother and sister pair from the same litter.

Very different than having two stray male kittens.

Oh, and dog that (if left unrestricted) will eat cat poo.

My house is not huge, and being in a wheelchair, I'm a big fan of floorspace, so I hadn't really wanted two cat boxes. Also, the dog and his craving for A-Poo-Tizers (Ahahahahahaha---I just cracked myself up), meant that I needed to find a place where the dog could not get to it.

What I did was move the cat box into the Master Bathroom, then I put a chain on the door. This way I could chain the door, but leave it open "a cat's width", and the dog couldn't squeeze through. I'm not a big fan of having the catbox in my bathroom, but whatever, it was working. Was.

Being that it is in the master, I cannot close my bedroom door. If I do, they have no access at all. I might go looking for crunchy bed coverings if what I did today doesn't help.

Today though, I went out (migraine and all, because dammit, I needs me a clean place to sleep for crying out loud) to the pet store. I had tooootally forgotten about Feliway, which is something I had heard about when I was researching stuff like this for TheMostImportantGuy and his kitty situation. Anyhow, I bought the plug-in kind and got that all set up, and also bought the spray and hit the tagged spots. I also bought a second cat box to put in the den, down at the other end of the house (the end that Mr.Darcy tends to favor, because that is where he lived for a few days when he first came here). It's domed, and I'm hoping that how I have it set up makes it easy for the cat to use, but difficult for to dog to root around in.

I have washed all the bedding. Again. And now I lay me down to sleep....

I love you guys. Thanks so much for all your support :-) Sometimes I wonder why I even bother keeping a blog, and there are days sometimes where it feels like I'm typing into a vacuum, and then there are days like yesterday where y'all come and save my ass, and it just makes me so danged appreciative and grateful. Hugs and smooches to all :-)


The Bon said...

Is it a booda dome? Pica loves hers, except that it interferes with her deep rooted desire to bury bury bury so she hopes out of it and bunches up the scatter mat. It's very private, which is nice for the cat too [although she sees no issue with staring at us while we're in the bathroom].

Kerry said...

I hope it all works. They're too damn cute to get rid of. ;-)