Friday, December 12, 2008

Chiming in here from the hotel where TheMostImportantGuy's company holiday party is being held. In addition to being a guest, he is also the PA rental/sound guy, so he's the last one out, basically. We knew it wise to get a room here and spend the night.

I honestly don't have a single thing to say. It might be because I'm exhausted...? Tomorrow is busy, too. Helping the co-dance teachers in the morning at the studio with a duet they are working on. Then getting all the pets to the "resort". Then packing up the mini-maison (my conversion van) for our trip to Vegas (yayyyyy!). We leave on Sunday.

I'm going to sleep. I love this hotel. They give you a clamp for the curtains to make sure no light gets in, lavender spray for the pillows, an eye mask, ear plugs, and a cd to listen to full of relaxing sleepy time meditations.

XO & nighty night


~Donna~ said...

oooh....sounds lovely... hope you and the MIG had a good time at the party and a wonderful stay at the hotel! Happy tripping to Vegas too!

my word verification was 'spingl'...i like that, it's a happy word :)