Tuesday, December 30, 2008

not much for resolutions...

...but I do have a few intentions, it would seem.

Has nothing to do with it being January 1st, though.

Just some things that are on my mind as wanting to do, and I can never seem to get anything productive done during the holidays, so I put it off until MyFavoriteKid is back in school.

* I intend to spend less time and money on "body work" and divert that same amount of time (and money, if need be) on "working my body". Less PT, more exercise, basically.

* This is connected to the above in some way: I intend on cleaning out the garage. There are things I brought with me when I moved up here that I haven't used since being here (18 months now). They are getting donated. So I have room to park a bicycle. Since it will be a trike, I need the space.

* I intend to learn how to use my spinning wheel. I finally figured out that I hesitate even trying because I am afraid of ruining the fiber. It has finally dawned on me that I can just spin, and if it turns out to be a whole pile o' crap, well...I can just knit it up and felt it. Then it wont look like crap anymore.

* I intend to replace my daily blog-posting (Oh My God...only 1 more) with READING blogs, which I rarely do anymore, and I miss everyone, and I cannot wait to catch up with what y'all are doing 'cuz I am sick to death of listening to myself. But you'll still see me around ;-)


idyllicchick said...

I've really enjoyed reading your blog this year! I'm always happy to see it listed at the top of my feed reader each morning. Thanks for sharing your life with us, and please keep in touch!

JohnK said...

No no say it isn't so.... daily postings finis?

I will miss them, but look forward to more conversations in 2009

Anne P said...

Those are all great intentions. The thing about spinning is.... you will be surprised at how nicely "craptastic" early spinning attempts will knit up. You'd hardly notice they aren't perfectly spun yarns, so just jump on in!

Happy 2009!

Janice in GA said...

I totally understand being ready to drop the daily postings, but I'm another reader who will miss them.

And don't worry about spinning -- just do it, and you'll be amazed at how quickly it gets easy.

Best wishes for a happy New Year, and thanks for sharing your past year with us!

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading about you very much. It seems so strange to me that our lives intersect this way when we will almost certaily never meet in person. I hope you will keep in touch --I like knowing what's going on with you and the favorites:)

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