Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ten on tuesday

Sometime last year I signed up to get weekly notifications from Ten On Tuesday, just in case I ever needed 52 bits of blog fodder. Obviously I did not, and preferred to ramble aimlessly with no direction or focus. I never did take myself off the email list though. I just got the weekly email this morning, and since I no longer have to post....wel....I thought I would.

10 Things You Want To Do In 2009 Similar to your new year’s resolution, but more of a “to do” checklist rather than things that you want to do to improve yourself…

1. Visit my grandma up in the Seattle area.
2. Plant flowers or plants in the box outside the back window.
3. Knit another sweater.
4. Travel more in the van.
5. Get a bike (ok, a trike).

~ I chose to focus on the word "want" and tried to avoid listing things I "need" to do or "should" do. You know what? I am finding this very hard! I can come of with a list of probably 27 things that I need to do....but it is a struggle for me to do this when it comes to thinking about what I want!! I find this odd. Part of me is happy that I am not wanting for much. Par of me feels very uninspired. Sheeeit, even now that I look at the 5 that are up there, even they have elements of should attached to them! ~


I have no idea if I will continue doing these weekly throughout the year, 'cuz I'm fickle like that ;-)

I'm kinda thinking I might stick with the Snaps On Saturday thing I did for most of last year, though....or some version of that.


Kim Ayres said...

I have no problem coming upwith a large list of wants, it's just most of them coincide with an equally long list of should-be-avoided:

Chocolate cake
B&Js Choc chip cookie dough ice cream
Chocolate cheesecake
More chocolate...

Andy Baker said...

You know, this is the same problem with 101 Things in 1001 Days. I have a decent list, but it's not completed.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Andy ~ I'm actually a big huge fan of lists. They are all over the place here. One of my favorite rules to live by is that when I want to remember something, I add it to the list so I don't forget it. Then I only have to remember ONE thing: WHERE'S THE LIST. But it just occurred to me. None of my list are numbered! They aren't even listed in any order of importance. They're just brain dumps really. I wonder if sticking to 10 of something and numbering it is even something I am capable of! I'm going to try a few more weeks just to see what happens, I think ;-)