Monday, January 05, 2009

Y'all are soooo glad that the 2008 version of Blog365 ended and that I jumped off the bandwagon for 2009. Had I ran with it, you'd have been staring at 4 straight days of kvetching. I kid you not.
I am soooo sick!!

I started feeling poopy last Monday night, and it's been escalating ever since. It has been the oddest cold. I keep hoping that I'll go to bed and wake up feeling better in the morning. Instead, I wake up feeling worse in the morning, but by mid-day I feel like I'm on the upswing. Feeling better of course, I am then able to see the piles of used tissues and empty soup bowls, so I set myself to cleaning up....or let's be honest....embarking on other projects. This of course, makes me feel run down again. By nighttime I am exhausted, but then when I actually lay down in bed and put my head on the pillow, I cannot sleep! The angle kicks the cough up something fierce, even if I prop myself up. I toss and I turn, coughing and blowing my nose all night (I have been coughing so much, I can barely speak--which I am sure have a few people in my life just tickled pink). Then in the morning I get up and do the whole routine all over again. So. Much. Fun.

I've not just been plain old sick, either. Other points of interest involving my physicality this week were flipping my wheelchair over (with me still sitting in it, obviously) and cranking my neck into some twisted knot of doom....and thennnnnnn (you'll love this one) I was closing a kitchen cabinet door the other day and I konked myself in the face so hard it literally cleared up my sinuses. But now I have a headache. It's really something to have a headcold and be blowing your nose all the time when one side of it is all swollen and bruised. Whee.

ANYHOW, even being sick (and mute), I have managed to get a few things done during this last week of MyFavoriteKid's winter break:

* Broke down the holiday decorations, and got them back out into the garage (which is a freakin' mess, and I was going to work on reorganizing that this weekend, but was too sick to be out there in the freezing cold). I usually add a piece or two each year to my holiday collection. This year it was a felted snowman and tree that I bought from Chimera on etsy (yes...I realize I could have made this myself, but really...was I ever going to? Probably not. Did I already have the materials? No. So I chose to support a crafter). This year during the post-holiday sales, I also went on a quest for a Light Up Lawn Deer. You know, the kind where the head bobs back and forth? Well, I went hunting, but no deer. But I did score a moose for 80% off ;-)

* The reinstatement of the semi-annual purge of MyFK's bedroom. He and I used to do this together twice a year. Once in June before his birthday, and once in early December before the holidays. We'd go through every bit of his room and get rid of stuff he no longer used or needed, and we'd also comb through the closet for clothes that were worn out or no longer fit. We'd make a run to the donation place, and then he'd have space for incoming gifts or clothes that would fit. Only problem? We broke from the twice a year tradition when we moved here, and that means we hadn't done it in a year and a half (well, we'd done the clothing....but not the other stuff). His room wasn't a mess really, but there was no way he was going to have room to store anything new, especially bigger things like a basketball and a skateboard, which he got this year from Hannukah Harry.

* I knit a hat. I'm actually spending all of my knitting energy right now completing my last (and sadly long overdue, at this point) PayItForward Project. I am very close (it requires a ton of finishing work), and I will not stray off on other projects until it is complete. It is, however, a project too cumbersome to travel with, and it is freezing cold here (literally), so I started a hat to fiddle with while sitting at MyFK's basketball practices. This is my second hat in this pattern (you might recall the first one, which fit my friend better than myself):

Meret The 2nd (link to my ravelry project page)

* Starting to catch up on blogs. In no particular order of importance. I do have to show you one photo I ran into over at Kris Carr's blog:

A sheep with a prosthesis!!

* Teaching the Kitties About The Great Outdoors. Not that they need to be taught, mind you. They are both strays that were plucked directly from the great outdoors. I just haven't been letting them out since they came to live with us because of the hawks that fly around the hill behind the house. Well, the other day they bolted out the door one morning, so I was forced into it. They've been out for a bit every day since and the dog babysits.

L to R: Gaara (well ok, Gaara's butt...sorry), Mr.Darcy & Riley

Last, but not least, I have spent some time:
* Thinking about yarn. Just thinking about it. Like about how much I have and what to do about it. I'm still in the thinking stage, but I have some ideas.

More on that in another post, though.
I've already gone on too long.

See? If I was blogging daily, you'd just have gotten this same exact post all chopped up into little daily bits.

Nothing has changed here but frequency.

So go ahead. Pass me that can of Shut-The-Fuck-Up, will ya'?? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you'll still be posting now and again. I miss the all-chopped-up daily bits.

Thinking about yarn, huh? Thant can be trouble! :)

Get well soon!!! (And no more knocking yourself around in the head!)

jodi said...

What on earth is Gaara doing?

Feel better xoxo

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

JennaKate ~ Yup, just thinking. Which is kinda lame, because considering how much yarn I have and the things I am thinking, what I need to be do is KNITTING it. I do have lots of thoughts though, and will be posting about it soon.

jodi ~ Just as I was snapping the pic, Gaara turned around and starting scratching/clawing on the tree. Or maybe he was just showing off his new and improved (ie "fixed") Kitten Nards ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can try this for your cough. Someone sent it to me and swears it works, but I haven't had a bad cough to try it. Rub Vicks Vaporub on your feet at night and put socks on. Yes, I know it's supposed to be used for chest congestion, but, what the heck? Give it a try. If it doesn't work, you're no worse off than before. And it might work.

P.S. One of the best tricks I ever got was off a Maxine joke. She was comparing herself to Martha Stewart. "Martha says, 'to keep celery fresh for a really long time, wrap it in aluminum foil.' I say, 'what's celery?'" What? I tried it, and IT WORKS! I can keep celery looking great and use it for at least 6-8 weeks!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

innkeeper ~ on your feet??!! Huh. Well, ok. That's strange enough that I might just have to try it. I mean, I do know enough about acupuncture and reflexology and whatnot to know that there are connections to other parts of the body found in the feet.

Hmmm. But I can't put it on my feet. I wonder if it works the same putting on my FOOT. hahahaha ;-)