Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's probably kind of shitty of me to miss the last few days of posting and then show up with (what could potentially be) disturbing photos, but....

....today was my day for making the rounds a the two convalescent facilities I volunteer at. This was taken in the hallway today right around lunchtime.

James' hallway; although that aint James ;-)

I rounded the corner, and my heart just skipped a beat. I couldn't not take a photo of it. I was compelled.

There are a lot of lonely people out there.

My request of you? If you know any of them? Please give them an extra hello this week. You have no idea how much it means to them. Seriously.


On another note, after the above convalescent gig, I moved on to the second one, my new one, which is to facilitate a knitting/crocheting circle at an assisted living center. It might be another week before I blog about it. I'm just getting to know them all and understand the lay of the land...but there is a whooooole cast of characters there that I cannot wait to introduce you to, and they are HIGHLY entertaining. For now, I will give you a little peak at some of the handy-work they whipped out to show me today:

(note my hand there in the left corner---this is some wee tiny refined work, kids)

These are NOT your little ol' ladies with a skein of acrylic yarn knitting hot sweaty baby sweaters and craft fair goodies (although there is a fair share of those, too...but it is NOT all they can do. Trust me). These ladies ladies are CRAFTY.


Unknown said...

I'm de-lurking. That is some amazing work!

Lorena said...

So if you're walking down the street sometime
And spot some hollow ancient eyes,
Please don't just pass 'em by and stare
As if you didn't care,
Say, "Hello in there, hello."
Hello in There, by John Prine

Makes me think of that song every time you post about your volunteer work...