Thursday, April 16, 2009

might as well post

Good news, bad news.

Good ~ I finally got in to see the doc today (general MD) about my back. He sent me out for x-rays. He's looked at digital copies and does not see any bulging or compressed discs. No fractures, either. And I don't have the symptoms of nerve issues, but I knew that already. The x-rays still need to be reviewed by the radiologist tomorrow, but all signs point to muscle strain and not a structural issue. Huzzah.

Bad ~ I'm still in a load of pain.

Good ~ He gave me a stronger prescription.

Bad ~ They make me too loopy to drive. I feel dizzy. I'm slurring my words, and I sort of have that "three martini" feeling. Maybe four or five, actually. I had to skip going to and/or teaching class tonight.

Good ~ I'm resting at home.

Bad ~ I thought the meds would also knock me out and let me get a good night's sleep, but guess what?! I feel like as wired as a speed freak.

Good ~ So I decided that since I am wide awake and fidgety anyhow, I will get all "crafty" with that latest handspun I am twisting up. I cast on for a scarf with it.

Bad ~ I didn't measure how many yards I have before I started, and I'm so buzzed I didn't even bother to measure how many yards I have spun. In other words, I'm not even sure at all if there will BE enough yarn here for a whole scarf. Ha! Well, it will be something when it grows up. Hahahaha I'd take pictures for you, but it's the middle of the night and the lighting sucks. And I'm too buzzed to get out of bed and find the camera or usb cable anyhow.

I'll show you pics instead of what I ended up doing with that last handspun.

I spun it myself, dyed it myself, knit it myself. My very first project with my own handspun. I am uber-proud . The pattern is called "Wham Bam Thank You Lamb" and is available on Ravelry. It's a breeze. Just a garter stitch rectangle sewed together off-set. I added a few vintage glass buttons for fun. Here's the link to my own project page.

Ok. I hope this all made some sort of sense. I'm loopy and it's late and my proof-reading eyes are all crossed-eyed.


Mouse said...

Looks great.. very pretty buttons! There is seriously nothing more awesome than finishing and wearing something you made entirely yourself.. That's one of the reasons I love spinning. (that and the hypnotic rhythem of twisting yarn and pushing the treddle)

jodi said...

Funny, I was just musing to Peter in the car last night about whether speed would boost my productivity in the studio. Probably going to give it a pass, though ;)

Unknown said...

oooh, back pain sucks! They never did figure out what cuased mine. i siffered through, finding what set it off and what made it better. Once I was mostly pain free I started exercising the muscles (stretches etc) to strengthen them and that helped. chiropractic helped too. as did massage. and time.

i like that neck warmer thingy. i hate scarves because they re too bulky but that would be a good thing for me...

sunny said...

Wow, you spin, too. You are amazing. Truly amazing! :)