Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i seem fond of lists and bullets lately, don't i?

* Dad called this morning, and I think all things are smoothed over. We at least got off the phone sort of laughing at each other. Both Mom & Dad's birthdays come up over summer. Based on my dad's odd comment to that post, I shit you not, Mom is getting a darning egg and my Dad gets a whittling knife. Easy. Done.

* I have spent several days on the phone with the doctor's office getting the slight run around trying to get an appointment. Ummm, hellooooo....I'd really like to be seen about all this back pain, buys. Very annoying. But I did finally get set up for tomorrow morning.

* This afternoon was spent taking MyFavoriteKid to the "transformation lab":

I can hardly believe it. Such a leap, it kinda surprised me.

* The rest of the evening was spent catering to his complaints about how much his mouth hurt and why couldn't he eat this or that thing, blah blah blah. A whole new level to his fussy eating. Yay.


The Leonard Cohen concert last night was fantastic.

I've loved him for a very long time. Probably not as long as most of audience there, though. I'm in my early 40's, but I was in the younger crowd. Ha. Ironically, Green Day was performing last night too, just one block away. What a funny little scene in the parking lot as both shows let out.

So, I love a lot of things about Leonard Cohen, but one thing I find very cool is that he is Jewish, but he is also a practicing Buddhist (same blend for me, too!). This morning I went to put on that t-shirt that I just flashed you up there, and I finally got a closer look at the tags.

Not sure how well you can see it in the photos, but he didn't farm out the production of the concert garb. Woot! The shirt is organic, and was manufactured in a plant that was using all green energy to do it. I love it.


Funny thing, on the way out of the show.....

I ran into someone I haven't seen in awhile. There is more to the backstory, but the reader's digest version is that her name is Carlena, and she was MyFK's principal at his old elementary school before we moved up here. Her dad had passed away years earlier, and he was also an amputee. MyFK was a student at her school at the time I had the car accident and was still in the hospital and going through rehab and all that. Carlena kept a very close eye on him, and she also did a few nice things for us outside of school, too. It was really cool to run into her at the show last night, and it looks like we might be going to her place for dinner on Saturday night. A few other mutual friends will be there, including MyFK's first grade teacher and his best friend from first grade is in town, too. Great people. I think it's going to be much fun.

Ok. That's me! I go a-sleeping now!


Mouse said...

Very cool shirt.. I have a bunch of Leonard Cohen stuff on my ipod from various movie soundtracks & things.. have always really liked him.

Unknown said...

cool shirt, and I also love Mr C (he's canadian too which makes him even better). and I love that logo of the star and heart!

as for the braces, i remember the pain of getting them on, then every time they were adjusted. it is awful. frosties from Wendys helped me, eaten with a spoon cause it hurt too much to suck

Helen said...

braces hurt like a bitch. And every time they tighten them up too. Your whole head hurts. I survived on a lot of baked beans and soup...

Andy Baker said...

I love that you like Leonard Cohen. I had a boyfriend years ago who was a fan. He always takes me to a nice place when I listen.

eric said...

Hello,my last job was as a Sous Chef until I had my leg amputated above the knee 3 yrs ago,i really want to get back into it but of course no one wants to hire me.What did you do.