Tuesday, April 14, 2009

missed a few days of posting. things have just been....

...I don't even know what.

Let's list.

* I had headaches Wed-Thu-Fri of last week, last Friday being a migraine. Joy.

* As previously reported, Friday night I completely pissed off my parents after dinner. I am still trying to make sense of my dad's very odd comment (so odd, I would have bet my life that the comment was not from MY dad, but just from A dad, but he says it was him). There is no darning or whittling going on over there, so I have no idea what point is trying to be made. I tried to talk him to Sunday night, but he brushed me off and told me he'd call me the next morning. He didn't call yesterday or today. If I lose my folks over yarn I will tie myself up with it and burn myself at the stake.

* Also Friday night, I offered some help to MyFavoriteKid, who was having some difficulty with some stretches he needs to perform for a test in PE class. Being a dance teacher with a background in body alignment, I recognized immediately that his form was incorrect, so I helped him out. "See you are doing it like this....and it would work better for you if you did it like this." "No, no....see, you are still rounding your pelvis like THIS and it should look more like THIS." Are you getting this?? That I demonstrated an improper technique like 8 times??? So what does this result in? Well, every day since I woke up on Saturday, I can barely move. Seriously. Like pain meds, needing lots of time flat on my back, I can't easily get up and down stairs, or on or off couches, etc. Life is grand.

* All pain aside, I managed to keep on my happy face. Today was a new volunteer gig for me: I am facilitating a knitting circle at a senior/assisted living center. More on this later. It is toootally worthy of it's own post.

* I'm now off to go see the great Leonard Cohen in concert tonight, which is great....but MyFK is pissed that he has to rush through his homework, and the cats are all peeved because they don't get their afternoon jaunt in the yard. They are hoooowwwwling at me right now.

* Being mostly flat on my back for the last 4 days , I have at least been knitting some. I will try to post some pics tomorrow. Not much spinning, sadly.

And now, for your entertainment, I nabbed this over at John's place (Napkin Please):


carleigh said...

my dear friend,

just a few days ago you were posting how there isn't enough time in the day/days in the week, how to keep up....and now "Today was a new volunteer gig for me" ????????????? I hope you dropped something off your plate to take this on!

see you SOON!

JohnK said...

make it, make it, make it, make it, faster, faster, faster, working through the pain, I can't wait to see it