Wednesday, July 01, 2009

it's just like....

....a jedi mind trick:

*passes her hand in front of your eyes*

You don't need to know where I've been all this time. This was not the blog you were looking for. I've been here the whole time. Read along.


What I did today:

King Tut at the De Young in San Francisco.

I saw this exhibit the last time it came around, 30 years ago. Probably 32 years, really...I saw it in Los Angeles before it made it to SF. That would put me around age 10-12 when I saw it. This time, I was taking MyFavoriteKid, who just turned 12 a couple of weeks ago.

I spoke with my mom on the phone last night and mentioned that we were going to the exhibit today.

She says, "Remember when it came around about 30 years ago?"

"Yeah, I was there, mom."

"You were?"

"Yah." (ummmm...helloooo)

"Well, your dad and I went with Brian...." (a friend of theirs, and hmm, I dont recall his being there, actually...maybe my parents went twice??) "....and you know, see...there is THIS CURSE they say, and you aren't supposed to look at THAT MASK....because if you do, you get 7 years bad luck..." (isn't that a mirror, mom?) "....and your dad and Brian, well see....they looked at it. I didn't even want to GO."

Hmm. This is an interesing thing to ponder I tell ya'. See, the shit hit the proverbial fan in my family right around, ohhh...2 weeks after that little excursion? And life stayed shit for ohhhh, 7 or so years? And by shit, I mean shit of epic proportions, by the way. Like huge financial loss and job troubles on my parents side. For me personally, it was really stupid things like....well, since I was a minor I was able to have my records sealed, so no point in my digging that up again. But I had lots of bad luck, too.

So I tell MyFK about all this. Not about the record sealing. About THE CURSE and the BadLuckOfEpicProportions. I had asked him whether or not he wanted to risk looking at it or not and he said, "I dunno, mom. Those Egyptians were pretty mystical. And 7 years is a long time." (I didn't bother to tell him that the real curse involved things like death by mosquito bites).

And so all day long at the exhibit, he would run ahead of me going from exhibit to exhibit, room to room, with his eyes lowered, and acting like a Museum Ninja, making sure that we'd skip over the mask.

The funny thing was that after all that effort on his part? The damn Death Mask wasn't even part of this exhibit. It was kinda disappointing. It's like, we didn't reallllly want to see it, but we reallllllly wanted it to be there, so that we could NOT SEE IT. In fact, the exhibit was missing a whole host of artifacts that I had thought were included in this exhibit.

Oh, well. It was still good.
My favorite thing was the pectoral ornament that included the glass scarab.

The glass is natural, not man made, like most of their other glass items. It's only found deep in the Sahara, and the scientists believe it might have been created due to a meteor (even though there are no signs of impact).

Aliens. Aleins, I tell ya'.
Isn't that how you explain the pyramids, anyhow??


M-H said...

Sorry, who are you and what are you doing in my blogreader? :) (PS Welcome back. How ya been?)

~Donna~ said...

Knock...knock...I think my bloglines is broken - you're not supposed to be highlighted with a new post!

Nice to read you again stranger, Spence and I are wanting to go see Tut too. We have to wait until his Junior Counselor gig is done tho.

I saw it in Dallas when it was there about 20 years ago. I love Egyptian stuff and can't wait to go - even tho it's not the full collection.

Kerry said...

Holy crap! You're alive! Nice to see you posting. The exhibit sounds absolutely fascinating. Wish we had things like that closer to us. Tell YFK happy birthday for me!

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

M-H ~ Heh. (PS..thanks, and I've been *mostly* good!)

Donna ~ Hmm, well then I guess I need to figure out how to post today without it showing up in your reader...? Ya! Go to Tut! Smaller exhibit, but still very very cool.

Kerry ~ Hey! Good to see you! I will definitely pass him the message ;-)