Thursday, July 02, 2009

Transcript: Me, Calling MyFavoriteKid's Cell Phone

MyFK: "Hello, this is (MyFK). Who's this?"

Me: "Hi, it's Mom!"

MyFK: "Yah, well WHADDYA WANT."

Me: "Hey!! Don't you talk to your mother with that tone!"

MyFk: "Heh. I'm not here. Leave a message!" **beeeeeep!**

I cannot even believe he got me with that.
Tricksie, them little Hobbitses....


What I did today:

Household Crap...laundry...dishes...more shopping...still yet more laundry (did I mention laundry?)

Rescued Wildlife that was trapped behind the (fake) fireplace in my house. I had been out grocery shopping, and this is the scene I arrived home to:

At first I thought they'd brought in another lizard ("another lizard" as in: we've had a few), but then I started to hear this haunting fluttering sound beating against the metal panel of the fireplace. Lovely. Just lovely.
Poor dear.
Anyhow, tweety is now back in his element, and he didn't seem to have a scratch on him. There were no feathers in the house or in the yard, and I almost wonder if he didn't fly in here of his own accord.

Visited a friend and her baby, and dropped off one long overdue baby blanket:

The mommy-to-be had picked out the yarn while she was still pregnant, and the baby was born in December. I stared January 5th and didn't finish until June 15th! (I know I suck---shhhh!) This blanket is worked from the center out, so let me tell you, by the time I got to the outer edges, it was SLOGGING along. LOTS if stitches to get around 1 time. And because it is ruffled at the outer edge, well...that just doubled and tripled the fun! I had 1,590 stitches to cast off to complete this bugger! It measures 43" in diameter. Whee!

Potluck Dinner & Video Viewing

I did some dancing back in May with the bellydance troupe. We put on an evening length concert. We have a tradition of watching the video of the performance together the first viewing.

Over big plates of food.

Like, REALLY BIG plates of food:

That was my day.
How was yours?


Kim Ayres said...

I was wiggling my mouse (no that's not a euphamism) for ages and nothing was happening. I turned it over and found a bit of a sticky note across the optical sensor bit with "Ha ha" written on it in my son's handwriting

carleigh said...

as soon as you left, baby woke up from her nap with her new blankie. She spit up on it, she chewed on it and she curiously was fiddling with the ruffle. I say she LOVES it! Thanks again! xoxo

~Donna~ said...

Spence did the same thing with his...


Hi, it's me mom.

Hello? I can't hear you!

IT's ME MOM!!!

Hello? HELLO?

Please leave a message after the tone...beeeeeeeeeeep....

Blankie is gorgeous!!! Now you can knit on something else during sock club? hee hee...

Amanda Williams said...

The blanket could have been worse--It could have been from the edge to the center and you would have had to *cast-on* all those stitches! LOL

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Kim ~ ooooo, now THAT is tricksie!!

carleigh ~ ha! Just emailed you the washing instructions...sorry that I forgot to include a "care" tag. (for those who are wondering, the blanket IS in SuperWash Wool, btw LOL

Donna ~ you mean like....a SOCK? ha!

Amanda ~ Yah, I know. And guess what? My next shawl starts with a kajillion sts cast-on, working down to something like 4. "If it aint one thing? It's anotha...."