Tuesday, November 24, 2009

look on the bright side: it's shiny and gay

Punchy. Pissy. Full o' piss and vinegar. Crabcake.

In the last few days: many bad decisions made, many things are going wrong, are broken, need adjusting, are bearing down on me, etc.

The only great thing to come out of today was to find out (a couple of weeks late albeit, but hey--better late than never, lemme tell ya'!) that Fernando & Greg are back on the air with their morning radio show (someone quick! hand me my party horn!!!! *tatadaaaaa!!!*).

Kids, my tomorrow should definitely be improved. These guys make me laugh so hard it slaps the poopymood right outta me.
I have missed them so.


The Bon said...

I'm glad you've been able to find a ray of sunshine to fix on! Sounds like you certainly could use it right now. *mwah!* hang in there!!

Carrie K said...

So....life, eh? It always seems to be so much bigger around the holidays.

Glad you found a ray of sunshine!

NoPoBloMo almost killed me from reading blogs when it started a couple of years ago. Every day? Hordes of knitting & book blogs? Yikes. It seems to have died out a lot this year though.