Friday, February 19, 2010


I know, I know. I owe y'all (and myself!) the Part 2 of 2 continuing over from yesterday. But today was big and busy and it's late and I'm whooped and I pulled up the draft of what was already written and it was a hot mess.

So I appease you (and Carol especially, Queen of the Heckler In Comments that she is...xo, hon)

...with a photo of me in my competitive skiing days ;-)

2nd Place in the Downhill ;-)



Love that green shag carpet and the paneling!

jodi said...

Omygods, those STAIRS!

~Donna~ said...

omg...i can't take my eyes off the decor...hahaha...

Good for you - more than just a pretty snow bunny! hee hee

Carol said...

So I guess this is photographic proof that you've been adorable your whole life! Love it!