Monday, February 22, 2010

mabye this explains why i don't sleep well at night

King sized bed, and still no room for me some nights.

Tired. A wee bit trashed.
And still behind composing a certain blogpost.


Anonymous said...

A friend has to sneak into bed because as soon as his two big dogs hear him turn down the sheets, they rush in and take up all the space.

Karen TDL

~Donna~ said...

Little buggers. I only have one, but it is the same thing.

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

Geez. You're going to have to get a bed for yourself!!!

Lindsey Petersen

vagus said...

I can empathize- we have two Shih Tzus and get into the same situation!
We always get up feeling tired, and telling ourselves we should put the dogs in the crate the following night, but when night comes and they snuggle up to you, you just don't have the heart to!