Tuesday, February 23, 2010

well, at least i know what the problem is

I give up with trying to write this overdue post for now. It's supposedly about what I am learning about myself by watching the Olympic athletes, but I'm trying to write it while trying to simultaneously watch the Olympic Athletes, and I can't win.

I have worked and reworked this post over and over both in my head and on the screen, and it's just a mess. It either ends up being 5 pages long, or it's boiled down to one sentence (which is in the form of an unanswered question to myself).

The problem is that I really need to take some time with this post 'cuz it's a kinda bending my mind here kids, and I can't seem to pull that off at the same time I'm watching anything that has to do with snow. Or ice. Or skates. Or skis. Or sleds. Or giant rocks with handles on them.

And then everyday I beat myself up for not being able to write and watch speed-skating (or whatever) at the same time. And that beating up part is unnecessary.

So I hereby free myself of this commitment until after the 28th at some point. When my brain defrosts from all this Winter stuff ;-)


Jenna said...

Be free! When it's time, it will come. Enjoy the games for now and write when you're ready.