Saturday, February 13, 2010

olympic knitting (spectator style)

There are a load of knitters out there doing "Olympic Knitting" right now. THe are either trying to tackle projects that beat their own personal best, or they are working competitively in teams to complete great yarny feats. Knitters cast-on their projects at the opening ceremony with the goal of course, to finish them before the torch goes out.

Last time I tried this, I failed miserably...and this year I didn't even bother hopping on the bandwagon.

What I did do last night though, just by coincidence, was to cast-on a new project. Something easy enough that I could actually knit on it while watching the games simultaneously. I'm using this yummy yarn....

...which I picked up last fall. It's by the same awesome dyer that made the yarn for the hat I did the other day, and also the shawl I did last year. This is going to become a Clapotis (but a bit narrower and longer, like this last one I did), which is some seriously kick-back and chill knitting for me. Perfect match for watching all the games. Love.


~Donna~ said...

I promised myself to knit on Spencer's beanie while I was lounging and watching the Olympics. And I haven't even picked it up yet... You know...Now that it is warm out and all.

Jodie said...

Beautiful yarn! I've got a sweater going for the olympics, but no olympics to watch... :( One of the few times I wish we had some rabbit ears or something for our tv.