Saturday, February 27, 2010

so like i said yesterday...

..many many hours staring at the floor. Many days, even.

The annual 8-day retreat is happening at the zen center, which started yesterday, Friday the 26th, and runs through to (get this, kids) Saturday, March 6th.
Count 'em guys.
Sure looks like 9 to me ;-)
Maybe I am supposed to ponder that while I stare at the floor.

Anyhow, lucky for me this is an "urban" sort of zen center, meaning there is flexibility with coming and going, so long as it is pre-arranged. Most days we start at 6am and go until 9:30pm.

Single-mommyhood isn't allowing me to do the whole shebang, but thanks to my parents picking up MyFavoriteKid after school, I did do the full day yesterday. Today TheEx took MyFK for the earlier part, but it's technically my weekend with him, so we are home together tonight and I am also staying home tomorrow (can you say "Olympics Hockey Finals"?? perfect timing. Really.)

The rest of the week, Monday through Thursday at least, I am going to go to the zen center during the hours MyFK is in school. Then thanks again to my folks and TheEx being on duty, I am able to go on Friday and Saturday.

So, it's not the full retreat, but it's more than I usually do, that's for sure. Even though I try to do a little practice every day, it's never for that many hours at a time.
It's pretty precious, and I'm glad I'm able to do whatever I can.


Mouse said...

Nine days? That's a lot of floor staring.. I hope its a very nice floor! said...

Just dropping by to say hello to a fellow single mom. Happy to have found your blog ...looking forward to reading more. Are you on Twitter?