Monday, March 08, 2010

classic julia

My fingers are still killing me and it makes me want to scream because I'm crabby and can't knit to make myself un-crabby.

This is a post I typed up a couple of weekends ago, but hadn't added the photo to it, so it was parked as a draft.

I'm off to reapply neosporin an bandaids.

Caught some classic Julia Child on a PBS marathon recently. My favorite episode was about omelettes. In the photo below she had set up a little cook-to-order omelette buffet party.

"Ohh, and there's this gentleman who wanted a spinach omelette...
there's the spinach right in the middle, that creamed spinach nicely flavored up......
I think I let that one cook up a little bit too long...
I don't think he's going to know the difference!
And as always, a little parsley will cover up anything....

Ohh, here comes my mother-in-law. Guess I'll give her a liver omelette. That will fix her up I guess!"


Gwen said...

Kiddo and I watched the same one the other day! He liked it better than the boullabaise with eel episode. (we were waiting for Olympic coverage to start)

An easy dinner party for several hundred!