Monday, March 22, 2010

in the kitchen, not cooking

Oh, I spent a fun afternoon in the kitchen today. I've been tinkering with raw foods recipes this past week now that the temperatures are heating up. I know Raw Living Foods is a full on lifestyle choice for a lot of people, but for me it comes and goes. I was actually 100% raw for almost a full year in my late 20's. For the time being I just find it a fun way to make food, it tastes good, I love eating it...but I still eat cooked foods, too.

Anyhow. Today I prepared foods out of this book:

Today I made those little wrappers you see on the cover there. For all intents and purposes they are sort of like fruit roll-ups. It's a puree of dehydrated mango, fresh coconut (split 'em open myself), sprinkled with some cilantro. I haven't made them into the rolls yet, that'll be what I'm up to tomorrow...but for tonight I made this marinated portobello mushroom dish with a side of some fake rosemary mashed potatoes that totally kicked ass. Warmed it up in the dehydrator, so it was nice and warm, and didn't even feel "raw" at all. Sorry I didn't take a photo. It looked so yummy I dug right into it before I thought about doing that, but I have a second serving saved up for lunch tomorrow, so maybe I will try to take shot during the light of day.

Last week, out of this same book, I made a mock "mac-n-cheese", and then I also made some corn chips in the dehydrator. Oh my gosh, they are so good. I still have some stored in an airtight container and am going to play with making them into a plate of nachos somehow later this week. Crazy fun.

The corn chips, the mango wrappers, and one other recipe, are published online for free here if you are interested. Everything I have made out of this book so far has been really delicious. Some of the best raw foods I've made thus far.