Sunday, March 21, 2010

ohhh what a weekend

Here's a little imaginary conversation for ya'~~

YourOneLeggedBlogAuthoress: Oh, man. I had already tweaked my knee a week ago warming up for our dress rehearsal...but then this weekend? I twisted my ankle. But good.

Oh, no! How'd you do that?!

Getting off my Boyfriend's motorcycle.

Dudes, I am such a klutz *sigh*
Hey. Pass me an ice pack. Please?

Other than that, the weekend was fantastic. Except for the fact that I got up in the mornings even earlier than I do mid-week. It's the only way to make it to the zen center for morning practice, though. TheMostImportantGuy and I went to both Saturday and Sunday morning.

On Saturday after practice we went out to breakfast with the other folks from the center, went to the dog park, and took the scooter-ride mentioned above. We had a chill evening at home and finally got to watch Inglourious Basterds, me with my leg propped up and wrapped in an ace bandage and ice packs.

Today, we went back to the center, and then spent the rest of the day hanging out with the resident monk (who's about our age, from California other words, he's a lot like us...only bald...and a monk LOL).
We basically spent the whole day eating.
We had a light breakfast at this really cool coffee shop we'd never been to before, came back to my house and had a lovely cheese plate while watching some Planet Earth, and then went out to lunch (which was the whole reason for his visit) to our favorite vegetarian restaurant, Ubuntu.

I'm stuffed.

I took some really great photos of the food, but my favorite photos of the day were of "The Ladies Who Lunch".

Their outfits were VERY "put together" (Matchy-Matchy!!).

Kinda makes me want to sort through my hat collection and call all my girlfriends to make a lunch date :-)


~Donna~ said...

hee hee hee... Love that photo

AllyB said...

Sorry about your ankle. The photo is fabulous! I especially like the woman with her back to you. Lovely hat, so "Somewhere in Time".

Anonymous said...

They look quite pretty though. I hope they enjoyed thei lunch too. Nice picture.