Sunday, April 18, 2010

cat's out of the bag

Well, actually the cat is not reallllllly out of a bag.
He is in a lump.
On the floor.

MrDarcy always looks like he's a passed out drunkard when he is sleeping

I mean, seriously. Look at him. Lush.
I wonder what is in them kitteh treats.

But as for me, let me get my stuff out of the bag. I need to tell y'all the reason why I haven't been posting much "substance" lately.

My laptop is fried.

It's an issue with charging/not charging, and bogus battery (I'm on my second one now). I'm trying one last thing to fix the situation, but the gist of things is that I am basically tethered to an outlet at this point. I have to be plugged in at all times to use this damn thing, and I cant even unplug it long enough to get down the hall and into the den to hook up to the printer if I need to.

And I have a very strong habit of doing my blogposts while NOT being tethered to outlet. I start at the diningroom table. Then I move to the couch. Then I do a few lines while I am cooking and the laptop is on the counter. Then maybe finish things off when I hop into bed.

Apparently this unplugging and replugging the damn thing 30 times a day is just to much for me, because now instead of moving in around all day like I am used to, the stupid laptop just lives in the same place all day, and it's making it really difficult for me to write anything.

Made total sense to me until I started typing this explanation up for you, and now it sounds more like "the dog ate my homework".

Well, I am in the process of trying to get a fix (TheMostImportantGuy has ordered spare parts), and if that doesn't work, I'm ready to shop for something new. I guess. Kinda pisses me off, though.

Anyhow, that's what's been up, though. Not a great excuse I now see, but it is at least the reason. Now that I have identified the issue and started on a fix, I can see that now I just need to develop a new strategy for how to work with what I have in the interim. Which means letting go of old habits.

Ahhh, habits.