Monday, April 19, 2010

absolutely fascinated

I am absolutely fascinated watching the cherry tree directly outside the sliding glass door.

It's changing almost daily, it seems. I love watching it. It sort of surprises me. It's like one day it's bare, the next it has buds, the next it has flowers, the next is has leaves. Not that fast of transition, but I what I mean is that some days it feels like it looks one way when I go to sleep, and then it looks like a whole 'nother tree in the morning.

I wish my laptop would do that.
Still not fixed. It IS charging now at least (new adapter came today), but the battery at full capacity now is only for a short duration. Looks like I'm on to battery number three. Ugh.



cjg said...

Yay-- glad you find me, because I lost you, too!! :)