Tuesday, April 20, 2010

shopping stars align

So here I sat at 7:45pm tonight, staring at the blank page on the screen here, not even sure where to start with a post (typical these days). I decided to employ stall tactics in hopes that a bolt of creative lightning would set my head on fire, and so I checked in over at the blog of DonnazChaos. I read about how she had just been to Kohl's to use up her "Kohls Bucks" coupon-thingy before it expired. This is when I jumped up screaming:

HooooleeeeeCrap!!! I have one of those buck-thingys, too!!

I had forgotten all about it. I rarely shop at Kohl's, but a couple of weeks ago MyFavoriteKid needed to pick up gifts for the other side of his family tree. His Grandma and his Uncle were both celebrating their birthdays, plus MyFK needed dress shoes for his band concert, and I needed a new pair of tennis shoes (yes, a pair...they are working on building me a new leg...but that's another story). Anyhow, I didn't want to go running all over hill and dale to get all those items and I knew that Kohl's could fix me up toot sweet in one stop, so off we went. While I was there I also bought a couple of T-shirts for myself.
I could not resist.
Because at Kohl's they carry the Daisy Fuentes line of "Favorite T" T-shirts.

Now, these shirts might not look like anything special to you, but let me tell ya'....whenever I get a new Daisy Fuentes T-shirt?? The very first time TheMostImportantGuy sees me in it, he immediately knows what it is. And EVERY time I wear one, whether it's new or one he has seen before, his eyes sparkle and his face lights up, he giggles a little bit, and then he goes, "Daaaaaaaaissyyyyyyy Fuueeennnnnnnnntessss!"
So , ummm YAH...
I troll the Daisy Fuentes section whenever I am in Kohl's, even if I AM only there once a year.
I don't even care if the reason he likes them so much is so he can pretend I am her for a bit.

Whatever. Fine be me.

Anyhow. I spent so much dough that day MyFk and I were shopping for gifts that the nice Kohl's Lady shoved a $50 coupon in my hands with my receipt as I was leaving. Faaaancy. And after reading Donna's post tonight at 7:45pm, it sounded like my "bucks" coupon had sadly expired, but I ran to the car where I had stashed it, and lo & behold...it was still good through today. Squee!

Ok, so now it's 7:50pm and I'm whizzing out the door to Kohl's to buy $50 worth of my all time super-favorite, response-invoking T-shirts. I go flying into the store, beeline for the Daaaaaisy Fuennnnntes section of the store, and then I notice the little signs posted above all the Daaaaaisy Fuennnntes racks.

All Daisy Fuentes is buy-one-get-one free.
Double Squeeeee!!!!

Ok, so it's buy one get one, and I have $50 in bucks. And everything I am digging they have in my size. And my head is practically exploding. And I decide this is so great. And that the stars of Shopping, Sales, and Coupons have aligned (which therefore must be a sign from God), and so if I go a wee bit over, it's worth it because it will all pay off in starry-googoo-DaaaaaisyFuennnnntes eyes from TheMIG anyhow.

I got out of there with 6 items for $34.68. Four Favorite T's, and two other items from her line that are a bit dressier.

At the checkout the lady at the register hands me the receipt and says, "Thank you for shopping at Kohl's. You saved (looks at the slip)....one hundred and twenty dollars....daaaaaaang! You know how to shop, woman!"

No coupon this time as I was leaving, though. Heh.

Donna, my friend: I thank you :-)
For the reminder AND for the blog fodder.
I'm sure TheMIG thanks you, too. LOL xoxo


~Donna~ said...

No problem! Always happy to aid when it comes to shopping.

So glad the stars aligned and all, I just love it when that happens.

I spent my $20 of bucks and even had $2 left over, which I gave to the person behind me.

OOOh, that's why you had it so good. I left good vibes there for you to use. :)

Linda said...

I love those Kohls bucks. Sounds like you had a great night (and might be in for another great night, for another reason. LOL)

pedalpower said...

I love your sense of humor and found you through Rav.

Ok, so it's buy one get one, and I have $50 in bucks. And everything I am digging they have in my size. And my head is practically exploding." For a minute there I thought you were going to tell us, "and then I woke up and realized I was dreaming." That's the way it would have ended if it were me! LOL

Anonymous said...

What a steal!