Monday, April 12, 2010


I think I am sinking into a wee bit of a pit. Just a wee one.

For sure, there is some big stuff going on...but mostly, on a day to day basis what is happening lately is that lots of stupid little crap and piling on top of that big stuff, and so the stupid little crap is adding up to feeling like a gigantic load of crap.

It's starting to get to me.

And little crap just has its way of hitting you in the face. Doesn't it?!?! Here is something that happened to me first this morning that might give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

MrDarcy (one my kittehs; named Darcy for a reason by the way, because he's gorgeous, but he pretty much acts like a social retard that has a golden stick up his arse)....

Well, apparently Mr.Darcy's servant did not clean out his cat box in a timely fashion (*ahem* that servant would be ME) . So MrDarcy found the yoga pants I had tossed near (but not in) the hamper last night, pulled them into the middle of my bedroom...danced all over them, covering my black pants with a whole bunch of chalky white litterbox kittyfooty-prints...and then peed on them.



(that's an inside joke for you '05 P&P fans)

As usual, I'm pretty capable of finding the humor in all things apparently, because as I sit here editing this post, I realize that MrDarcy peed on my clothes, and I am describing myself as being in a "wee" bit of a pit.


Carol said...

A. He's an incredibly gorgeous cat.
B. He obviously knows it.
C. I had a pee-cat for many years, and I never stopped marveling at the fact that the cat showed she was pissed by pissing.

Hope things turn around for you soon.