Sunday, May 30, 2010

birthday gluttony

Ok, this "lots of time to write over the weekend" thing aint happenin' at all. It really has become TheMostImportantGuy's "birthday weekend". Today was an extension of yesterday.

me: Would you like coffee out here? Or in bed?
Him: Bed please!

me: Where would you like to have breakfast?
Him: Bed please!

(we slept in until almost 10am, and I dont think he came out of the bedroom until almost 1pm)

We then had to take one of the cats to a sort of urgent care appointment. He's fine. Just scratched his eye and is now receiving some treatments with ointment. While I was at the vet with the cat, TheMIG shot over to Guitar Center and took himself shopping.

After we got the cat back, we went out to a late lunch (or early appetizers) at a new place we've never tried before in Napa called Grace's Table. SUPER good. We loved everything we had. Fresh, local, sustainable, and it was reasonably priced and the environment was casual, but lovely. I am dying to go back for their "continental breakfast" sometime. They make homemade doughnuts!

After that I asked TheMIG what he wanted to do next, and we ended up taking a little nap on a blanket on some grass in a park. Dappled sunlight :-)

Then we drove over to our favorite place to eat, Ubuntu. We ordered a couple of dishes, had a glass of wine, and they served dessert with a candle in it for him.

Back home and took the dog to the little dog run that was just installed here in my neighborhood, and now we're tucking in early so we can go to the zen center at the butt-crack o' dawn tomorrow for practice.

So yah. No deep contemplating or typing as I had intended. Haven't knit a single stitch in days either. The food and fun sure has been good though. TheMIG's been making some great choices :-)


Margaret said...

Aaah, lovely. You got me at napping on a blanket on the grass. Can't beat that dappled sunlight. Glad you had a good weekend, just following the bliss. Writing can wait for a cloudy day!