Saturday, May 29, 2010

ok, i lied

I thought I was going to be sitting at the computer today typing away, but it was the first warm sunny day since I don't know off we went to the dog park for awhile (only after sleeping in later than we usually do for the first time in ages, and eating a leisurely "gourmette" breakfast made by yours truly).

The rest of the day went sort of like this:
TheMostImportantGuy: So what's next?
me: I dunno, it's Your birthday...You tell me!
(we repeated this procedure many times)

This turned into our booking last minute tandem massages, dinner at an Indian restaurant, and then out to see Iron Man 2 (which I actually liked a whole lot more than I expected I would). It almost feels like it's my birthday we are celebrating, I am benefiting so nicely!

Since his real birthday isn't until Tuesday (and I won't be seeing him that day), I'm just treating this whole weekend his birthday.
Can't wait to see what he asks for tomorrow!


The Bon said...

I really loved Iron Man 2. I also really loved Iron Man 1. I tend to enjoy the comic book movies in general, although not Hellboy. That movie was not one we enjoyed.