Friday, May 28, 2010

blog lite

I told ya' it would be light around here until the weekend, and it is very true.

It's 11 o'clock. I had a busy day, I got MyFavoriteKid packed off for a weekend of guy camping with his dad, then I met TheMostImportantGuy at the zen center for some chanting and sitting.

After sitting, I took TheMIG out to dinner to a favorite sushi place of his (Kirala, in Berkeley). I've known about this place for almost two decades and have never made it in there because every time I have tried that line has been too long and I've not be able to wait it out. It was very yummy. And it was the beginning of probably a few nice meals this weekend (both dining in and dining out), because it's his birthday next week, so I'm all for serving up his favorite foods.

For now, I have to crash. Long day. And I havent talked about it much, but the walking thing is pretty much kicking my ass and draining me at the moment.

Lots of chill time this weekend. Will make time to type.