Thursday, May 27, 2010

the perk of the peev

The Peev:

I woke up this morning to discover that my blog had been hit very hard last night by TheSpammerFromHell. Dozens upon dozens of comments were made (all having links to advertising). They were scattered all over my blog, through years worth of posts. All comments were needing to be deleted individually.

This took up all of my fun time today (which was limited in the first place).

I now have had to enable "comment moderation" here. Meaning if you write something, I now have to tend to it before it will be published...and ok fine, I'll do that, but what a bummer it is that this asswipe has to ruin the party here, especially when I was so happy just letting you guys go willy nilly and say whatever you want to say (feel free to do keep doing that. I love it. And it will get published eventually.

The Perk:

Well, the perk is that this fucktard nailed some of my best posts....some of which I had forgotten about entirely...and a few of them were written close to 5 years ago. (FIVE YEARS! I smell a blogiversary party coming on, kids...I'm also close to hitting 1k posts, too LOL).

If there was any bonus at all to having to spend small chunks of my day was in being reminded of my past. I didn't have the time to really re-read them all the way through, but even just to scan some thoughts, and to see some old photos that I haven't thought about in ages? was great.

Lemons Into Lemonade, I done made.

And this idiot has spammed me six more times just while I have written this post, even with the comment moderation on.


Mouse said...

This is one of the really nice things about WordPress - they have plug ins and spam blockers out the waazoo. Sorry you got hit.

The Bon said...

I got hit last week with crazy spam too, enough that I had to blacklist the IP address. I don't know that blogger will let you do that though, the bummer.