Monday, May 03, 2010

fail? didnt feel like fail.

MissDonnaOfTheChaos and I played "Ladies Who Lunch" today. Yay!

She and I are both doing our own versions of being a bit more mindful of what we eat these days, but we also knew full well that we were ditching that entirely when we planned our lunch date to be at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe . Rudy's is one of those places where you open your mouth and say ahhh, and a slice of meatloaf or chicken fried steak just sorta gets shoveled in your pie hole (so maybe for people like MsChaos and MsAmpuTeeHee it should be renamed Rudy's FAIL Cafe--hahaha).

In fact, when MsChaos opened her menu, she flipped right past the whole first page and said something like, "I didn't come here for a f*%#ing salad," (she probably didn't curse, though LOL). And I was in total agreement.

We got what we wanted and we totally enjoyed it. She had her burger but left pretty much her entire order of french fries on the plate. I got a BLT with Avocado, but did the side salad, and took half the sandwich home for dinner.
And we passed on dessert.

Food was good, company was great.
Good times. Love getting out with friends. :-)


~Donna~ said...

I had a great time! And that burger really did hit the spot.

And letting myself "indulge" every so often has allowed me to do something I forgot to tell you about...I've lost 10 lbs since I started working. :)

didn't taste like fail. hee hee hee


Thanks for delurking on my blog! I reckon it is the fact that I get such great comments on occasion that I still blog, and yet also facebook. (I have turned into a Lexulous (scrabble knock off) whore on fb.) (It is so nice to have someone to play it with me, even if they are strangers.

Crap, if people want to pray for me, go right ahead. Maybe just don't tell me about it.


Also, meant to say, I loved The Secretary. David Spader and Meg Gyllenhall (or however it is spelled.) Very fascinating and hot movie.