Tuesday, May 04, 2010

ppjills! get yer ppjills!

Like most folks (?), I get plenty of spam advertising all sorts of happy pills. Most of it does get filtered out, but when I scan my junk mail box every few days checking for real emails that might have gone astray, usually there is a SpammySubjectLine or two that catches my eye and causes me to fall into a teary eyed ball of laughter.

Here's today's ha-ha:

do not mock at your pooteency - bjuyj VjaqrRa Ppjills‏

Hmmm. Maybe their Ppjills help you with your tiny farting problems??


Mouse said...

Dude.. they told you NOT to mock their "pootency" and you went and did it anyway. You're gonna be in SO much trouble!!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

You know if you can make me laugh before 6am (and before coffee) that it's a good one. Too freakin' funny. And yes I am 12.