Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i got nuthin' but cute kittehs & a glass o' whine

Really. I'm just totally off my game. I'll expand on that here for a minute, but honestly...just go back and watch the kitties. Way more fun.

I'm not sure what is going on. For days I've been waking up right off the bat in "not so great a mood," and then I can't shake it. It lingers.

It might just be the shift into summer...which, let's face it, pretty much means the loss of anything resembling quiet around here.

It might be that I'm in another round of tweaks with the prosthetic leg...they're still trying to get it to fit. Even the prosthetist has admitted he has finally been stumped. (I just noticed that's a funny joke, and I wasn't even trying. I must lay that on him. I have stumped him. Stump the prosthetist. HA.

I am listening to the buzz of the refrigerator that I want so badly to replace (I swear it is what is waking me up at night). I just looked up from the laptop and realized I have way too many lights on...all over the house. I'm fretting about how I am going to cram in everything that needs to be done this week, and I feel like I'm saying that all the time these days, and I'm sick of hearing myself.

See? Go watch kittens.




The Amputee Rap.

(Oh, and my verification word? allarms

Kym said...

I really get this. . . I think it might be in the air. Only for me, I'm dreaming of a new washing machine. One that doesn't leave rust stains on my clothes. . .

~Donna~ said...

Dr. Donna prescribes more knitting and maybe some wine...um...maybe not while you're knitting...

Fuzzarelly...LOVE that!

Unknown said...

Try moving the fridge a little away from the wall. I once had a loud fridge problem and it turned out that it had gotten pushed back a bit and was touching the baseboard heater behind it and it was the heater making noise from the fridge vibrations.