Monday, June 14, 2010

Wow, did I ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I had this horrible dream that a siren had gone off warning everyone to take shelter, but I ignored it thinking, "Oh, but it's Monday. They test the system on Mondays." I ignored it, went about my business, then realized that even though it was indeed a Monday, it was the wrong time of the day for the siren to be tested. I took a look outside and noticed the place was a ghost town. Then I saw a flash of light in the distance, a nuclear explosion, and a bulbous cloud of dust expanding outwards towards me.

Goodmorning. (!)
Can I pls haz coffee now??

About an hour or so later, MyFavoriteKid decided to give me a little Facebook tutorial ('cuz I still can't make sense of it, and of course he's been on it for a week and pretty much has it wired)...

....and I while he was giving me my little tour I noticed that TheMostImportantGuy had posted almost the same exact photos I did yesterday here on the blog. He included the shot of that plate of food (which we enjoyed so really was delicious, regardless of its appearance), and that two of his "friends" (people I actually know in real life, I might add) had made snarky comments.

Such as, "Was that photo taken before you ate it? Or after?"

I kinda wanted to crawl under a rock.
Or get a straw and shoot spitwads at people.
Or both.


Now: I am on the phone listening to TheMostImportantGuy tell me stories (I love him telling me stories, no matter what they are about). I'm watching the kitties being pissed off because I wont let them back outside at 9pm at night. MrDarcy is literally banging at the sliding glass door.

Later in the day I tried to spend some time with my knitting. I finally finished the center section of a square shaped shawl I am working on, so I sat myself down to pick up all of the stitches around the edges so I could begin to do the lace border. Six hundred and twelve stitches is what need to be picked up. And along a garter stitch square that is knit on the bias, with all of the the increases and decreases placed right along the edge I am picking up into.

I cannot say I am having a good time. I haven't even gotten halfway down one of the four sides and I already want to toss it under a sofa cushion.

I did run into this today,'s a commercial I spotted on TV, and I'm so happy it's also on YouTube (but what isn't, right?).

Helped to change my mood for sure.
And made me wish for a banana hat.


The Bon said...

I mostly avoid facebook these days. I like that I can keep track of my extended family with it, but then I remember I have a LOT of extended family. And that means a lot of chatter.


I, too, want a banana crown. And a spider monkey.

Oh the neverending snark that is facebook! I am limiting myself to 15 minutes daily, mostly to finish up all of my scrabble and lexulous games.

I dreamed that we had a blizzard here. In June. And I was driving in it.