Saturday, June 05, 2010

snaps on saturday

TheMIG's nephew has graduated high school
the partying began tonight

Sitting on the edge of my bed in a t-shirt and underpants, wishing like hell I was IN bed instead of ON TOP of bed, because I am so so so tired. Watching the orange cat outside the bedroom door trying to catch a moth. Looking at the white blouse I wore today and wondering how I ever managed to not spill food all over myself (like I usually do). Happy there is no reason to set an alarm clock for tomorrow.


Kerry said...

Huge congrats to the grad! Partying will begin here on the 25th. :-)

~Donna~ said...

Congrats to the grad from me too!

School ends this week (finals, yay?), the "boredom" begins 1 hour after.

Then it's whining about said boredom until the summer job begins on the 28th.