Friday, June 04, 2010

now. i'm diggin' it.

Blondie's "Heart of Glass" is playing through the cable/radio channel on the "Classic Alternative channel. Flashbacks of school dances and roller rinks. Listening to the dishwasher clean up the party dishes (it was my mom's birthday today, and 7 of us were here indulging in multiple flavors of cupcakes and assorted slices. plus wine.) The dog's pet tags are dangling from his collar clink on his ceramic food dish. Listening to MyFavoriteKid in the den on the computer playing with an Audio Editing program, making all sorts of music. Tracking a package I sent to another birthday girl, making sure it arrived on time.

And I bought a skein of sock yarn today. Not that I needed more. That's for sure. I was just trying to kick-start the knitting mojo. For some reason it seems quite stuck. I am about to wind it into a ball, and then I'm going to cast-on a pair of plain ol' vanilla socks.

And TheMostImportantGuy just leaned over and gave me a sloppy kiss :-)


Kerry said...

Happy birthday to your mom!!! Hope she had a wonderful day!

The Bon said...

It did arrive on time and it was awesome, which I just can't say enough times!!

~Donna~ said...

It was my Mom's b-day too! Happy belated b-day to your Mom!

Yay for June 4th B-days!