Thursday, June 03, 2010

now & nitey-nite

Now: 11:46pm. Very tired. Just home from dance class. The buzz of the refrigerator is driving me bananas. Wondering how to change the setting on my alarm clock so that it will go off in the morning with something more alarming than ocean waves (I usually love waking up that way, but this morning I overslept 15 minutes because I was dreaming my cats and I were at the beach). I've been carrying my knitting around with me everywhere for a week and half now, and I have hardly knit (have you seen my mojo?). I am wondering if not knitting is contributing to the anxiety I have had he last few days. Black kitten (MrDarcy) just jumped up on the bed and sat down near me. He never does that. Whoops, nevermind. He's gone.


~Donna~ said...

We overslept today. It's been a rough week. Very hard to get out of bed every morning.

Kerry said...

I'd love to wake to ocean waves however I'd be afraid I'd pee the bed. LOL