Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Things are feeling really hectic around here. I think it's because we're days away from summer vacation. MyFavoriteKid's last day of school is next Thursday and there are all sorts of end of year tasks and events being added onto our To-Do Lists. I'm also working hard to get some ducks in a row for summer plans great and small.

Now: A bird call I cannot identify. Handknit socks, folded neatly on the table. Feeling anxious, but not sure why. Desiring a cup of herbal tea. And a new knitting project.

Today I had a meeting with the director of our city's newly built senior center. A friend of my mom's asked me to go down there with her because they'd like to start a knitting group/class, and they were wondering if I would be interested in leading it (Are you kidding? Of course I am interested! Knitting and seniors are my most favorite things---even better when in the same place at the same time!).

I wasn't sure what was going to happen in the meeting. Was it an interview? Was she going to want to see FO's as proof that I can actually knit? Thinking that she might, I grabbed a pile of stuff as I headed out the door to meet her: shawls, socks, hats, etc.

She didn't want to see a thing.

She said, "Funny, but the quilting lady did the same thing when she came in, too. She whipped out a pile of quilts. I trust you guys. I believe you. You don't need to prove it to me."

I made her at least look at a sock. hahahaha

Anyhow, she's putting up a sign-up sheet for canvas for interest, and we're going to try to find a time that works well for the interested seniors that also works for me. We're going to wait until after summer to get it going though, and I feel relieved about that because I'm going to have a hard time with consistency I think over the next few weeks due to travel.

But I hope it works out!


~Donna~ said...

cool...have fun!

Kathy said...

Sounds great. I think you have a knack getting along with the seniors!

Lorena said...

A group of knitting seniors? That is tailor-made for you!

Elizabeth McClung said...

I hope that works out too - it sounds like it would be fun.