Sunday, June 20, 2010

things i laughed at today

Funny Number One

MyFavoriteKid and I took my dad (and mom, too) out for a Father's Day brunch this morning. As we did not want to leave MyFK's dad (ie TheEx) sad and alone and missing out on a Dad's Day moment, we had him join us.

Before leaving the house to pick up my parents, MyFK asks me if he should be dressing up. Having never been to this particular restaurant before, I suggest he wear some newer jeans and a somewhat plain t-shirt. He agrees, yet comes out of his room sporting some funky old camouflage shorts and a black concert t-shirt (from a heavy metal band). The shirt has skulls and whatnot on it, and it also has a few holes in it.

Bickering ensues. He loses. He goes back into his room and changes into the aforementioned jeans. He comes out of his room and is sent right back after even more bickering. He comes out a second time wearing a less graphic, kelly green t-shirt on top. Finally.

We meet TheEx for brunch.
And he is....
I shit you not....
wearing camouflage shorts, a black band t-shirt with a cross and skulls on it, and it has a couple of holes in the back.

(this is why he is TheEx...and this is also why it is so damn funny)

Funny Number Two

I've watched this danged clip four times now, and I'm still cracking up.

NOW: I am in my room, on top of the bed, and both kitties are curled up sleeping. I am sitting crosslegged (well, as crosslegged as one can get with only one leg, and no second leg to really cross with). My foot is hot from the laptop being balanced on it. I have already "shut down the house" but I am seriously considering getting back up and pulling out some yarn, a swift, a ballwinder, and some needles, and casting-on a new project. I don't even have a project in mind, though. I know just that I haven't really knit in weeks. I don't feel like working on one thing that I already have going, so I've just been knitting nothing. This not-knitting-thing is either a part of creating my poopy feelings, or perhaps the poopy feelings have just already been lurking...but I'm not using the soothing stitches I normally knit to help alleviate the poop. I'm not even sure knowing which it is even matters. I just need to start a new project. And it's 11:30 at night.
(crazy yarn lady)


~Donna~ said...

I hate those damn horns...when I am able to watch a game, I have to mute the sound for most of the match. Esp if I'm knitting and need to count or something important like that.

Kym said...

Oh! Thanks for sharing! I had not seen that clip yet. . . but now I'm sharing it with everyone! :-)

Kerry said...

Yarn is my milk of magnesia. Hope it worked for you too. ;-)