Monday, June 21, 2010

evidence of knitting

I did NOT get up out of bed after posting last night (it was nearly midnight) and start new knitting project.

I waited until this morning ;-)

two skeins of Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in
"Grey Scalloped Bar Butterfly" and "Sooty Dancer"

I remembered that today a mother-other-than-myself was responsible for carpooling kids so band camp, so I had the morning free.

Things didn't start off so well. I fought with tangled skeins and the ball winder until I almost threw my hands up in the air and walked away mumbling like a crazy person. Actually, I DID do exactly that---I just came back to it is all. Special thanks to Kerry, because it was at that exact moment of giving up that her comment on yesterday's post appeared: "Yarn is my milk of magnesia. Hope it worked for you too. ;-)"

Well, I got the yarn untangled, rewound it up in neat little cakes, and cast on for another Stephen West shawl, Daybreak.
(rav link)

Sheesh, I feel better already.

NOW: Lots of crickets chirping tonight. Sitting at diningroom table, dog is outside having his "evening sit". I think he likes the sound of them, too. It's very peaceful. But now voices up on the hill, way up at the house above me...and dog is barking. And now quiet again. Woof woof, chirp chirp.


Kerry said...

That shawl is going to be gorgeous!!! Glad to hear you're feeling regular, I mean better, again! ;-)