Thursday, July 29, 2010

dyin' to be plyin'

Spent some time today with the miniSpinner. I'm still just putting it through it's paces (well, it's more like the spinner is putting me through my paces...let's be real here). In addition to getting used to the "electric-ness" of the spinner, I am also getting used to using Scotch tension (my other wheels are set up as double drives), and the miniSpinner is also outfitted with a WooLee Winder, which I have never used before. A couple of people suggested that I might have trouble using a WooLee Winder and doing a long-draw, so that's what I decided to play with today.

I didn't seem to have any trouble doing a long-draw with the winder...with the mechanics of it at least....but let's see how this yarn looks when it's finished before we issue a verdict, eh? I might have made something like a fluffed out-fairy-floss that is going to fall apart if I blow on it. Then again, I may have made rope! Who knows. This fiber was a bit strange to spin. I did test the twist while I was working a few times, but I just have a hunch that things are going to shift quite a bit in the plying and finishing stages.

I did two bobbins of singles before I went to dance class, and I'll ply them in the morning and finish the yarn with a good soak and then we'll see. Hopefully it's usable. I guess worst case I can knit it up and felt it into something. And hopefully after a good soak it's a little less sheepy smelling, too! Gah! I can't say I'm diggin' this fiber's particular take on farm-y-ness. And I have another 4 ounces of the same stuff in dark brown!

Either way, usable or not, it's fun playing and practicing. I hope I have a bit more time this weekend to tinker.


~Donna~ said...

If you want more "playing fiber" let me know. The sensitivities start up when I try to drop spin... :( I have some "god only knows what it is cos I can't remember" fiber that I got from Stitches when we went and then the stuff you gave me last year.