Wednesday, July 28, 2010

who i've been keeping company with

I was a bit bummed to have been on my trip north for the first part of The Tour de France, but once I got home, that's pretty much what kept me company through all of the unpacking and putting away and laundry doings. When the Tour was over, I was all of the sudden....lonely.

Next came watching a bunch of favorite costume drama dvd's. Pride & Prejudice (1995), The Young Victoria (that one was new for me...had not seen it yet), Persuasion (2007, but the 1995 is also in my library). Pride & Prejudice...again (sheesh).

Then I got into watching these:

Drafting: the Long an Short of It (Abby Franquemont), and
Popular Wheel Mechanics & The Gentle Art of Plying (Judity MacKenzie-McCuin)

..and it's been loads of fun. I especially have loved watching and listening to Judith's dvd's.

When I was on the retreat there was one lunch break where Judith and I ended up at the same table and I just found her utterly fascinating...and we didn't talk at all about spinning. She just has so many facets to herself, and so many interesting stories!

She was the teacher I was most nervous about meeting. I had read her books already, and I had developed this huge fear that I wasn't I good enough spinner to take a class from her. It's like I had decided that she was so "precise" and I was so..."wingin' it" or something. I shared this with a few people before going on the trip, and they all told me not to worry and that she was totally down to earth.

On the first evening of the retreat, at the introductory social gathering, I walked right up to her, introduced myself, and blurted out that I was was completely intimidated. She asked me why, and I told her, and she had a little chuckle over that. Then the next morning? When I was in her class...? Well, she proved to me that everyone that I had spoken to was correct. She is totally relaxed and just a pleasure to learn from.

And watching the dvd's is sorta like having her in my livingroom. It's great.

Although I do miss having Fabian Cancellara in my livingroom sometimes...and well, Colin Firth....and of course, Rupert Perry Jones...

I mean, making yarn is pretty interesting, but stilllllllllllll........


bibliogrrl said...

Oh man. For costume dramas, I watch Emma (the Gwenneth Paltrow one) over and over and over. Then I watch Clueless.

I can't even tell you how many times I've watched both.

Anonymous said...

You might also be interested in seeing North and South with Richard Armitage. It's like P&P but set in Industrial Era Britain.

Love, Karen TDL

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Karen TDL ~ I own that one, too LOL

~Donna~ said...

A serving of each please...make that a double of Mr. Jones. :)

Kris, in New England said...

Longtime lurker here...had to come out of hiding for Colin and Rupert.

If you like Rupert, try out the "Spooks" series - available here under the name "MI-5". It's a wonderful series - very taught drama - Rupert starts with the series in Season 3. The show starts out with another U.K. hunkahunka burning hotness - Matthew MacFadyen. Yum.

I enjoy your blog, btw. Love your perspective on things.

OK, back to lurking...

AC said...

my fav costume drama is Road Warrior.