Monday, July 26, 2010


It seems I am just full of complaints today. I mean, why don't we just start with this one:

It's friggin' JULY, and the weather-lady shows up on-air this morning wearing a TURTLENECK SWEATER.

WTF?!! Gah.
I swear, I can hear my tomato plants outside crying.

Today did not go at all how I how I had it planned, and I should have been prepared for that, because the problems began last night.

MyFavoriteKid was with TheEx this past weekend, and around 6pm or so yesterday, TheEx called to say the drop-off would be later than usual because they wanted to go see the movie Inception. I don't know much about the movie other than it's an action-packed psychological drama involving dream-states. I did see enough previews of it to know that it had the potential to make MyFK's head spin a little bit. But they went and saw it anyway, despite my better (than TheEx's) judgment.

MyFK was up the entire night. He couldn't sleep. His tummy hurt. Could he please sleep in my bed? Could he sleep with the television on in the background?

In other words, TheEx basically did to me the thing that grandparents are supposed to be famous for doing (and he does this OFTEN). And I could have scratched out his eyeballs come this morning. Years of this, I have dealt with. He's the party guy, I'm the parent. He makes the mess, he leaves it on my doorstep. The only good news is that he has reinforced (once again) that I made a really sound choice when I made him AnEx.

(ooo that was mean! see?!! I'm not that nice of a person!)

Another highlight of my day was dealing with my aching back, which has suddenly decided to act up again for some unknown reason (perhaps it's because I shouted out that I "cannot STAND" TheEX, so the Universe has served me up a big fat dish of not being able to stand now. sheesh.).

And thennnnnnn, MyFK and I spent most of the day taking Flash, his leopard gecko, to a vet that specializes in reptiles, because guess who else woke up on the wrong side of the tank today? The gecko. One hundred and seventy dollars and five hours of time invested, and he still doesn't look quite right. He has an eye infection, seems to be having some trouble with his skin due to his last round of shedding, and he might drop his tail (they grow back, though...wish I had his mad skillz).

The plan now is to go to bed and hope that when I wake up in the morning it is all just GONE. I am going to wish it to be warm and sun-shiny, and that my back feels like it did when I was 17 (man that was a good year), and that the gecko is going to wink at me that all is okay in his little world.

All of these things could actually happen.

Wishing TheEx would no longer be an ass?? Well....that would just be a fruitless waste of wishing.


polly hoover said...

Your Ex is an ass and is acting younger than his son!

~Donna~ said...

I feel ya sister...


Anonymous said...

If you like, I could make a dartboard with the Ex's face on it...or a voodoo doll. ;-)

Big hug, Karen TDL

deirdre said...

I have a similar "ex" situation, and it can be the MOST frustrating thing to deal with, always having to be the "bad cop" -

my hope is that eventually the universe will balance everything out... until then, I suck up a lot of crap and keep my mental happy place close by...

wine helps sometimes...