Saturday, July 03, 2010

let's do this early for a change

Goodmorning! We're still at TheBon's. I woke up about 6am and read for a bit.
I think other people might be up...I hear shuffling, but I'm here enjoying a quiet moment on the sofa. I slept great (even with the sugar-high from the doughnut).

Had a couple of crazy dreams. In one of them, TheMostImportantGuy and I traveling and had stopped at a roadside rest area for a stretch...but while we were there, we met and walked around with John Denver (??!!---I know. I don't get where that came from, either).

My goal here (although we're almost always missing the mark when traveling, and I'm so relaxed, I don't even care) is to leave from here in an hour, at 8am. We've got a long haul (shorter than yesterday, but still) into Bellingham to Grammy's.

This is my dad's mother. I've always know her as Grammy Faye, but when MyFavoriteKid was born, she became Bubbie Faye to him, and so I end up calling her both depending on who I am talking to. She is 95 years old, and still living in her own apartment. The place she lives now is for seniors, but it's not the kind with staff support or anything. She does it all herself.

There are a few cousins up in Bellingham, too. They're my dad's first cousins, and I've met most of them once or twice, but I don't know them all that well. One of them I really like, one of them I reallyy don't (but I haven't really given her a fair chance), and one of them has a daughter who is about my age that I spent a couple of days with years ago when I visited the area way back in my 20's. I've only been to Bellingham twice...once in my 20's as I was rolling through on my way to do some backpacking in Montana (my grammy didn't live there yet, she was still in Arizona)....and then I've been there once since grammy moved up there a couple of years ago.

I hear people up, and I should be packing up for the no time like the present. I just wanted to get a post in while I still had an internet connection. Something tells me grammy doesn't have one, and I bet her senior apartment complex aint wireless ;-)

Here's a couple of leftover photos from last night:

That's me and TheBon kickin' it with Ken Kesey ;-)


Mouse said...

Please tell me you had one of those maple bacon donuts from Voodoo?? I saw one on tv once.. and they looked AMAZING.
BTW.. I believe SpinCycle Yarns is in Bellingham-- their website and patters are really cool.